Securinets CTF 2k19 Lost Flag Writeup

Exploiting VCS (Version Control System)


Category Points Solves
Forensics 994 19

Description : Help me get back my flag !

After visiting the link above, we get a login page.We can login using admin/admin, but unfortunately the flag is deleted.

Then I started searching in the website for any other infos, but with no success. the admin of the challenge (Tr'GFx) said that bruteforcing directories is enough to solve the challenge, so I used to search for directories.

Using dirsearch I found /.bzr/README, which means there is a Bazaar repository on the website, Bazaar is like git.

Bazaar is a version control system that helps you track project history over time and to collaborate easily with others.

We can now use bzr branch utility to clone the remote repository.

bzr branch -Ossl.cert_reqs=none

for cloning a bzr repository use bzr branch and not bzr clone

After cloning the repo, we can see the log by executing bzr log


We can see that the flag was deleted in the revision number 2, so let’s revert back to rev 1.
We use the command bzr revert -r1 to revert back to the revision 1.

Now we can see the file flag.php which has the flag in it.

FLAG: Securinets{BzzzzzzzzZzzzzzzzzzZrR_roCk$}.

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